KCR took a hasty decision: Telangana BJP

By Candice Philistia  Published on  17 Sep 2019 7:24 AM GMT
KCR took a hasty decision: Telangana BJP

Hyderabad: The Chief Minister Mr K Chandrashekhara Rao hurriedly passed the resolution against Uranium mining in the Telangana state Assembly, said Mr K Krishna Saagar Rao,

Chief Spokesperson at BJP Telangana State unit. The Chief Minister has taken a hasty decision, and it was neither progressive vision nor with full knowledge of the need, he added.

“Generally, any state Assembly moves resolutions seeking something positive for its state or people. There was neither a need nor a substantive and reasonable demand for a resolution against the mining of Uranium in the state. If the state government has any objection with already issued permissions, it could very well deal with the Central government through its administrative channels. Passing an Assembly resolution without any substantial debate, using brute majority in the House is purely a political overture by the Chief Minister Mr KCR against the Central Government,” remarked Mr Krishna Saagar Rao.

Moreover, it clearly shows the hypocrisy and duplicity of the KCR government. The TRS government has been an environmentally insensitive and reckless government during the past six years of governance, he criticized.

Lining up previous incidents of the TRS government, Mr Rao further said that “whether it’s in the case of trying to undermine the lung space of Hyderabad through marginalizing KBR park, or looking the other way on mammoth destruction of historic rock formations, or brazenly promoting encroachments into historic tanks and water bodies across the city and state, the KCR government has been constantly at the forefront of environmental onslaught.”

Mr Rao suggested the Chief Minister to put an end to these unwarranted and inconsequential dramas using the state Assembly.

“KCR needs to understand that the Central government has overbearing administrative powers on mines and minerals across the nation. The state governments have limited powers in reference to valuable national resources such as Uranium mines,” observed Mr Rao.

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