Kerala's 2013 gold smuggling scam: ED attached properties worth Rs 1.84 Cr

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  11 Sep 2020 9:39 AM GMT
Keralas 2013 gold smuggling scam: ED attached properties worth Rs 1.84 Cr

Hyderabad: The sleuths of Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Friday provisionally attached properties to the tune of Rs. 1.84 crores in the Kerala's gold smuggling case reported in 2013. ED is one of the central- investigating agency that is probing into the sensational smuggling case.

In 2013, two lady carriers namely Arifa Haris and Asifa Veera were arrested by Customs Authorities and 20 Kgs of gold was recovered. The two are accused of carrying 56 kgs of gold from Dubai to Cochin between August and September, 2013. Investigation found that the illegal gold consignment was orchestrated by one Faiz T K. The man in connivance with customs Customs Officer named Ashraf Kallunkal tried to transport gold.

According to CBI’s investigation, the accused involved tried to smuggle gold worth Rs. 17.86 crores, to avoid payment of customs duty which was Rs.1.83 crores (10% customs duty + 3% cess).

ED took up the investigation based on the case filed by CBI, ACB, Cochin against C. Madhavan, Former Deputy Commissioner Customs, P.P. Sunil Kumar, Faiz T K, Ashraf Kallunkal, Subair Y M and Abdul

Rahim and others.

ED's probe into the money trial revealed that the kingpin Faiz T K and Ashraf Kallunkal were the masterminds behind the gold smuggling. Faiz picked lady carriers staying in Dubai promising them of money, and executed the smuggling.

Accused customs officer who hold a gold business in Kerala,Ashraf Kallunkal was the main investor in the gold purchase and smuggled the same to India. The duo had accumulated the profit in Dubai and later

transferred the same to their accounts in India.

Money trail has also revealed the role of Abdul Rahim @ Thangal Rahim of Koduvally, Calicut and Subair Y M, brother of Ashraf Kallunkal. Subair Y M was the recipient of gold on behalf of his brother Ashraf

Kallunkal and also benefitted, a statement from ED said.

In the ongoing investigation, ED seized properties to the tune of 1.84 crore. They are in the form of a residential house, an apartment and land in Kozhikode held in the name of P C Sabana wife of Faiz T K, Subair Y M and Abdul Rahim. While a Ffixed Deposit held in the name of Ashraf Kallunkal in Federal Bank Ltd, Kozhikode Branch was seized.

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