Khaidi, with its daughter sentiment, made me miss my daughter for 40 days: Karthi

By Bhavana  Published on  31 Oct 2019 1:34 PM GMT
Khaidi, with its daughter sentiment, made me miss my daughter for 40 days: Karthi

Hyderabad: While Karthi is a popular actor in his own right in Kollywood, he also enjoys a good fan base in Tollywood. Therefore, it was no surprise when the actor expressed his excitement during his promotional events for the release of Khaidi movie, which would be in Telugu and Tamil. The movie, which released on October 25, is enjoying the positive reviews from audiences.

The actor is delighted with the responses. In an exclusive interview with NewsMeter, the actor reveals to us his various experience working for the movie. For example, the actor had a very atypical experience shooting for the film, quite radically a different routine. “The whole team shot for 60 nights, to explain there was hardly any scene with daylight,” the actor said. “So the whole team did not sleep during the 60 nights. Moreover, in the morning, we used to do nothing but sleep the whole day. It was not easy in the beginning, but we slowly got used to it. After wrapping up the movie, going back to sleep in the night took some time. The body had to adjust.”

The movie also offers a personal experience to Karthi. In the film, he plays someone who had ever seen his daughter, and it has been a decade since she was born. The actor lamented about all the time he had to stay away from his daughter. “When I was listening to the script and started shooting, I would ask the director whether the father in the film would be able to see his daughter. Being a father, and especially to a girl child, I could relate to the story. Yes, I had to stay away from my daughter for 40 days while I was shooting for this film. I missed being with her and playing with her. It is different for other films, but Khaidi movie with its daughter sentiment made me miss her more and more.”

Karthi mentions that the khaidi movie story, screenplay and the action of the film are its highlights. “The whole team attempted to make a film with the possible standards of a Hollywood movie.”

Oopiri was a blockbuster hit in the industry, just as well as its Tamil counterpart Thozha. However, he says that he hasn’t signed for any straight Telugu film because not many interesting scripts came to him after Oopiri, which he notes, made its mark. “I think my Telugu fans have increased after that. Therefore, I wanted to do something bigger than that. I am eager to do a straight Telugu film, but I am still waiting for the right one. I am ready to make the audience laugh,” Karthi concluded.

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