Kishan Reddy v/s Srinivas Yadav: War of words over JBS-MGBS Metro line

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  15 Feb 2020 5:20 PM GMT
Kishan Reddy v/s Srinivas Yadav: War of words over JBS-MGBS Metro line

Hyderabad: As the Green line of the Hyderabad Metro rail finally received a green signal by the government, the services from JBS-MGBS metro station began on February 7. Chief Minister KCR flagged off the services. A new controversy over the metro line emerged as BJP MP Kishan Reddy travelled in the metro and blamed TRS Party for violation of Protocol.

Kishan Reddy in a press conference at the MGBS Metro station said that there was a violation of Protocol and he was not invited for the inauguration of the JBS-MGBS metro strech. He also alleged TRS of not using Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pictures. He also said that the centre had sanctioned Rs 1450 cr for HMRL.

He further added that already 1200 cr was sanctioned so that the services would extend till Falaknuma but nothing has been done in favour of Old city.

In response to Reddy's comments, TRS MLA Talasani Srinivas Yadav backfired at Reddy and said, "There has been no violation of Protocol. I myself called and invited Kishan Reddy for the inauguration, the day before. He cited that there might be Parliament meetings and his presence would be doubtful. I still requested him as it was the city's very own Project. TRS doesn't have the need to celebrate a metro inauguration as a festival. It was decided that the inauguration will be done as soon as we get all the permissions."

We didn't have the intention to see that a particular minister isn't coming for the inauguration. We don't play cheap tricks like breaking the protocol. We have been giving the protocol that a union minister has to be given. The inauguration was done rightly. There's no point blaming metro officials. Just because we didn't upload the pictures, they are making a mess out of it. Each and every hoarding had PM Modi's pictures. BJP president has crossed his limits while talking."

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