KTR assures 4 revolutions to boost Telangana economy

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 Jan 2020 5:46 PM GMT
KTR assures 4 revolutions to boost Telangana economy


  • May take up Budget allocation for buying mopeds, thrift scheme and corporation for toddy tappers

Hyderabad: Telangana Industries Minister KT Rama Rao assured the Gowda community that he would take up Budget allocation for purchasing mopeds, thrift scheme and setting up a corporation for toddy tappers in the state. According to KTR, the Chief Minister of Telangana is committed to bringing four revolutions – Green Revolution, Blue Revolution, Pink Revolution and White Revolution – that would prosper all communities, thus making the state a vibrant economy.

Speaking at a meeting organized by Telangana Gowda community, KTR said: “Godavari water is reaching every corner of Telangana. When water resources are abundant, it will boost Green, Blue and White revolutions. With Godavari water increasing the water resources, toddy palm trees would grow and yield a lot of palm wine or toddy. Telangana government gives top priority to Sarvai Papanna self-respect.”

Majority of toddy tappers in villages travel by bicycles, Bringing this to the notice of the public meeting, KTR said that he would take it up to the Chief Minister. I will discuss the matter with our Chief Minister KCR on allocating Budget for purchasing mopeds for toddy tappers from next financial year. The TRS government is also keen to extend the thrift scheme and establishing a corporation for toddy tappers.

According to KTR, the TRS government is keen on the development and welfare of Gowdas.

“The state government is providing pensions, Rs1.16 lakh financial assistance under Kalyanalakshmi to marriages of women from low-income families, etc. The Telangana government is spending Rs40,000 crore on several welfare schemes in rural and urban areas. KCR believes that if all communities develop, then only Telangana prosper, remarked KTR.

The minister elaborated how the four revolutions help all the communities in Telangana. “We need a second green revolution, and it will be possible via Godavari lift irrigation schemes. As part of this, your toddy profession will also prosper as palm trees would grow abundantly with Godavari water. Blue revolution would be benefiting Gangaputras and Mudirajs. The pink revolution will boost meat processing benefiting Are Katikas, Yadavs and Kurumas. White revolution for boosting dairy development benefiting Yadava and farming communities,” said KTR.

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