Lack of helmet tuned fatal for two victims of a bike accident

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 Oct 2019 5:49 PM GMT
Lack of helmet tuned fatal for two victims of a bike accident

Hyderabad: Despite massive awareness and hefty fines imposed by police, many bike riders still find it difficult to wear helmets. This becomes fatal to many bike riders. In one such incident, two bikes collided at Chevella on Saturday night and killed two, who didn't wear any helmet. Police informed that the two victims could have survived if they had worn their helmets. This incident once again proved that wearing a helmet can save one's life.

It may be noted that in the accident on Saturday night at Chevella, Gopani Laxmaiah met with a head-on collision with another bike near Damaragidda village. Gopani and Cheduri Padma, pillion riding another bike, died on the spot. However, Padma's husband Ramachandraiah, who had a helmet on, survived with some injuries. Gopani reportedly didn't have any license.

Cyberabad traffic wing analysed the accident and found that a lack of control over the vehicle, lack of driving skills, not wearing helmets, and rash driving are the causes for this accident, in which two families lost their breadwinners.

Every year, hundreds of lives are lost in Cyberabad Commissionerate limits on different roads due to head injuries involving bike crashes. Hence, Cyberabad Traffic police advise the pubic to mandatorily wear a good quality helmet while riding or pillion riding a bike. Also, the public is encouraged to fasten the helmet straps properly. Otherwise, merely wearing a helmet overhead will not save the riders from head injuries.

Further, it is also advised to get driving licenses after learning to drive a vehicle properly. The public need to understand the necessity of learning road rules, signboards, road markings, vehicle maintenance, and controlling a vehicle in different circumstances for safe travel. Merely knowing to start and run a vehicle will not make a person eligible to drive on public roads. A good driver always learns and improves his driving skills.

"Citizens are requested to exhibit a sense of responsibility, rationality and caution in this regard and be safe on roads," the Cyberabad traffic police said.

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