Lavanya's controversial tweet deleted

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 Sep 2019 11:49 AM GMT
Lavanyas controversial tweet deleted

Hyderabad: Lavanya Tripathi is one of those actresses who is in a dire need for a good offer. Lavanya's upcoming movie Arjun Suravaram starring Nikhil Siddhartha is getting delayed for various reasons. Hence, Lavanya needs a good comeback for her to stay in the industry.

Keeping work aside, Lavanya Tripathi isn't someone who gets into controversies easily. But, it appears like it is different this time. Lavanya had recently Tweeted on a sensitive issue, which she, of course, deleted immediately.

As per the reports, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has made some comments extolling the Brahmin community recently. Lavanya who quoted the Tweet by Om Birla wrote, "As a Brahmin, I don't understand this whole superiority feeling among some of the Brahmins. You become superior or inferior because of what you do, not because of your caste".

It appears like Lavanya did not want her name dragged into controversies deleted her tweet.

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