LB Nagar police books lab technician under triple talaq case

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 July 2020 1:03 PM GMT
LB Nagar police books lab technician under triple talaq case

Hyderabad: A case has been registered against a lab technician at the LB Nagar police station after he allegedly gave his wife a triple talaq. The accused, Abdul Samee, even threatened to kill her if she did not divorce him.

Samee married his wife in September 2017. Two months later, the couple moved to Hyderabad from Mahabubnagar district. Since then Samee and his family had been harassing her mentally and physically. He reportedly sexually abused his wife. Meanwhile, his family started demanding more dowry.

Two months after she returned from her parents' home after giving birth to their son in June 2018, her husband and in-laws stole her gold. When she questioned them, they beat her up, injuring her in the process. Her husband then locked her in a room for nearly three months without even a mobile phone. During the time, she did not communicate with anyone. The husband and his family continued to beat her, demanding that she divorce Samee.

He also gave her a triple talaq and forced her to end her life. He allegedly tried to kill her, demanding a divorce. Samee frequently told her that he did not know her or the child and insisted they kill themselves.

On 25 March 2020, Samee again fought with his wife over the divorce. When she refused, he pronounced talaq three times and then dropped her at her parents' home. When she called him on Ramzan to greet him, he told her that they no longer had any relationship and asked her not to call him again.

During that time, the woman, after constant beatings from her husband, had to undergo surgery on her leg. On 21 May, Samee called her again, demanded a divorce, and threatened to kill her if she refused. Though the woman and her parents tried to settle the matter, he threatened to kill her family, too. Based on the woman's complaint, the police registered a case against Samee under section 4 of the Muslim Woman (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act 2019 and started an investigation.

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