'Let Jagan have 30 capitals we will merge them into Amaravati': Pawan Kalyan

By Jinka Nagaraju  Published on  21 Jan 2020 1:05 PM GMT
Let Jagan have 30 capitals we will merge them into Amaravati: Pawan Kalyan

Hyderabad: Though looks inconsequential, Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan today made two interesting comments. One, wherever it will go now, the capital of Andhra Pradesh would come back to Amaravati. Two, if the election were to be held in two years, Amaravati would me made the permanent capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Pawan was addressing media after a party meeting at Mangalagiri. The Janasena chief was confident that the centre would intervene and take some drastic steps to stall the process of shifting of the capital to Vizag in its tracks. He also warned YSRC that he would sleep until the Jagan government is toppled.

“Let the chief minister Jagan have 30 capitals we will merge them into one that is Amaravati. Amaravati is the permanent capital of Andhra Pradesh,” Pawan assured farmers.

He said he was moved by the pathetic scenes in which women were brutally manhandled by the police. “ I have never seen so many women coming on to the streets defying the prohibitory orders to save their capital Amaravati,” he said with emotion and assured that capital would come back to Amaravati.

What is the source of his confidence?

The new-found zeal of Pawan appears to have stemmed from his joining forces with BJP last week. He is under the impression that their alliance will work wonders in Andhra politics.

Pawan also revealed that he was going to Delhi to discuss the issue of capital shifting with BJP leadership and return with a concrete program of action. He had also assured farmers that Janasena and BJP jointly work together to ensure the Amaravati remains the capital of five crore people of Andhra Pradesh.

In fact, many TDP supporters want the leader of the opposition Chandrababu Naidu to tell the people that he would get back the capital to Amaravati if TDP were to come to power in 2024.

But Naidu has not chosen to reassure CRDA farmers that capital would return to Amaravati in future.

Though Naidu went to the extent of pleading chief minister Jagan with folded hands in Assembly to continue Amaravati as capital, he cautiously refrained from making such a statement as he was aware of consequences.

But, today Pawan, emboldened by the BJP support, for the first time talked of restoring the capital status to Amaravati and possible polls in two years.

Is Pawan echoing the sentiments of TDP supporters?

The talk among the Jagan's critics is that a conviction in the disproportionate cases against Jagan in the CBI court could alone put an end to the Jagan’s aggressive politics.

They are expecting a Bihar- like situation where Lalu Prasad Yadav was convicted in Fodder case which forced the RJD supremo to anoint his wife Rabri Devi as the chief minister. This is has been the heated debating point in many social media circles as well for quite some time.

Has Pawan Kalyan fallen prey to this type of delusion? Or he is under the misconception that he could influence the centre to intervene and rein-in Jagan with the help of CBI. The message of his entire speech revolved about bringing the capital back to Amaravati.

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