List of beds available in Telangana Govt Hopitals

By Sumit Jha  Published on  12 July 2020 4:27 PM GMT
List of beds available in Telangana Govt Hopitals

Hyderabad: In the official medical bulletin released by the Telangana government on Sunday, 12th July, it was informed that of the 17,081 beds provided by the government for COVID patients, 15,367 are currently vacant. Only 10 percent of the beds have been occupied.

Overall 11,085 isolation beds, 2,926 oxygen beds, and 1,356 ICU beds are available for possible COVID patients.

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The Gandhi Hospital, identified as the center for excellence in COVID care, has 1,092 beds available for COVID patients, of the total 1,890.

In all the hospitals only 1,714 beds are occupied by patients. Most of the active patients are in home isolation. On Saturday the Telangana government has started giving home isolation kits to them, which includes basic medicines such as Vitamin C, B-Complex, cloth masks, sanitizer, Dettol liquid hand wash, gloves, and other essential items required during the process of isolation.

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The bulletin also informed that 1,563 patients were discharged on Sunday, which led to an in increase in the number of bed vacancies in government-run hospitals. While it is yet to be declared operational, the Telangana Institute of Medical Science and Research (TIMS), Gachibowli, will be adding approximately 1200 more beds to the government count.

The asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients who request institutional quarantine are admitted to Nature Cure Hospital, Government Nizamia Hospital, Government Ayurveda Hospital and Homeopathy Hospital.

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