Lockdown 4: Here are the Do's and Dont's for domestic air travel

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  21 May 2020 8:13 AM GMT
Lockdown 4: Here are the Dos and Donts for domestic air travel

Hyderabad: The Ministry of Civil Aviation has brought out general instructions for the commencement of domestic air travel from 25 May. The guidelines come in the wake of the government's decision on May 20 to resume domestic air travel. Air travel was suspended since the announcement of nationwide COVID-19 lockdown.

The general instructions developed by the aviation ministry for air travel of passengers and major stakeholders are as follows:


1. Airlines should adhere to the lower and upper limit of the fare prescribed by the ministry during the period of Covid-19 pandemic.

2. Only passengers who have confirmed web-checkin will be allowed to enter the airport.

3. On the day of commencement, only about 1/3rd of operations will be permitted

4. Passengers should report at least two hours before the departure time

5. Only one check-in baggage will be allowed.

6. Passengers will be requested to wear face mask.

7. A self declaration that the traveller is free of Covid-19 will also be obtained from the passengers.

8. The cabin crew are requested to be in full protective suit.


1. The airline shall not provide meal services on board.

2. Elderly passengers, pregnant women, passengers with health issues are advised to avoid air travel.

3. No physical check-in at airport counters would be done

4. No newspaper or magazine shall be provided onboard by the airlines

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