Low platelet count seems to be the talk of the town

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Sep 2019 6:59 AM GMT
Low platelet count seems to be the talk of the town

Hyderabad: “Dengue” resulting in low platelet has been the topic of discussion among the majority for the past 2 months or so, especially with the late arrival of monsoons that bombarded the city of Hyderabad after months of scorching heat. But with the relief of the slightly cooler weather, comes the pain of mosquitoes and diseases they bring.

The accumulation of dirty water and the leaking sewers become the perfect breeding place for these mosquitoes and their numbers increase exponentially. The futile attempt of fogging done by the GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) remains just that. In fact, many residents complain that the fogging that takes place outside, invites the mosquitoes inside their homes as a safe place. This invariably does the exact opposite of what the measure claims to do, i.e., keep the residents safe from these

blood-sucking insects.

Every day hospitals are filling up, whether it’s the viral flu, dengue or malaria or other mosquito-related illnesses. It has become a huge elephant in the room that the authorities need to address. The age-old methods of using DDT and such, need to be renewed with more research and new attempts to resolve this persisting problem. The mosquitoes have become immune to the repellents used against them including the insect-repellents. If there are no alternative precautions taken about this issue, this state could slowly become another version of the Philippines.

Following are some suggestions to our readers:

1) Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

2) Invest in safe-yet-effective insect repellents.

3) Visit your doctor immediately if you notice any signs of illness such as fever, severe joint and muscle

pains, swollen lymph nodes, rashes, etc.

4) Juice of Papaya leaves is a well-known natural cure for the dengue fever. Papaya leaf supplements are also available in the market in case the leaves are unavailable. Also Read:https://newsmeter.in/iit-hyderabad-researchers-produce-collagen-from-eel-skin/

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