Hyderabad: Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&AU) department has decided to conclude the ongoing layout regularisation scheme (LRS) in January 2020. The MA&UD department has chalked out an action plan for comprehensive time-bound development after implementing the LRS for the past four years. The state government allowed GHMC, HMDA and old municipalities to implement LRS November 2015.

Since the vast number of applications was not scrutinised before November 2014, the Telangana government extended the LRS until November 2019. More than 90,000 applications are pending with GHMC, HMDA and other municipalities. Maximum applications of 36,000 are pending with HMDA and 25,000 applications with GHMC.

The Telangana state government, on October 29, issued further orders allowing LRS in newly created municipalities and recently merged villages as well. Further, the new order brought select villages merged with Municipal Development Corporations in Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Khammam and Siddipet. The corporations are directed to clear LRS applications within 90 days.

The municipal administration department has decided to take stringent action against illegal layouts in the state. The MA&UD officials are responsible for unlawful layouts, according to the department, and the same department will issue guidelines in this regard very soon.

The Telangana government would not allow any layout or construction activity in the bed of water bodies, including rivers and nalas. Full Tank Level (FTL) of the buffer zone of any lake, pond or river is prohibited from real estate activity or any form of construction.

The HMDA, GHMC and other municipal corporations need to maintain the norms as prescribed in the master plans and zonal development plans. Further, municipal corporations can levy penal charges based on land value and plot size.

The officials will issue the approval for LRS within 180 days from the date of payment in full. Appellate Authority will decide on appeals.

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