#JusticeForDisha: Lynching demand by parliamentarian sparks uproar in Upper House

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  2 Dec 2019 2:35 PM GMT
#JusticeForDisha: Lynching demand by parliamentarian sparks uproar in Upper House

Hyderabad: The horrific gang rape and murder of 26-year-old Hyderabad veterinarian has created ripples in both houses of Parliament today. Rajya Sabha parliamentarian and Samajwadi Party leader Jaya Bachchan demanded that the rapists be brought out in public and lynched. However, this statement has opened a Pandora’s Box nationwide, and many are criticising the Rajya Sabha MP’s quote.

“I know it is a little harsh, but these kinds of people need to be brought out in public and lynched. There are countries where the public gives them justice…the people now want the government to give a proper answer, a very definite answer. We need to know what has happened, how they have tackled it, how far justice has been done to these people…I think these people need to be shamed in front of the entire country,” argued Jaya Bachchan at the Upper house.

The parliamentarian’s call for lynching has sparked massive outrage in social media. Several netizens commented on how lawmakers have legitimised lynching and mob violence, through their public statements in Rajya Sabha. “Madam needs to reminded that it’s against the Indian Constitution & Law of the land to lynch anyone. Appropriate punishment must be given, but on fast track basis. Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied (sic),” commented Ahmed, a Twitter user on the call for lynching. Speaking in the Lok Sabha, TDP MP from Srikakulam, K Ram Mohan Naidu stressed on the importance of gender sensitization from childhood by saying 'No Means No', which has been trending on Twitter along with #JayaBachchan.

Discussion on vet doctor’s murder during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha

Parliamentarians in the Lok Sabha expressed their anguish regarding the brutal incident that happened in Hyderabad on November 27. Uttam Kumar Reddy, Congress MP from Nalgonda, talked about how this crime occurred within one of the most secure areas in Hyderabad, near the airport. “What is shocking is that this incident has taken place in the highest security area of Hyderabad city within walking distance of the international airport... Due to the indifference of the local police officials, the family members of the victim had to go by walking to 2-3 police stations…if the first police station had registered the case and started the search immediately, definitely, the life of the victim could have been saved.”

He further highlighted that the indiscriminate sale of liquor on national highways led to the ghastly crime. “Despite Supreme Court rule of 2016, prohibiting liquor sale on National Highways, liquor was being sold in this particular incident. The accused were fully drunk,” he added.

Vanga Geetha Vishwanath, YSRCP MP from Kakinada, spoke in the lower house, focusing on how both the Centre and the state need to stop shifting the blame on each other and work together. “Don’t treat this as a state issue; both have to work… You don’t need to glorify us, just let us live by providing basic safety to us,” she fumed. Kavitha Maloth, TRS MP from Mahabubabad emphasised, “Beti Padao, Beti Bachao is not enough; you need to rescue the girls first, and thereby the ladies of this country from abusers like these.”

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