Major drop-out in police jobs: Candidates cite 'tough' discipline and training

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  4 Feb 2020 8:35 AM GMT
Major drop-out in police jobs: Candidates cite tough discipline and training

Hyderabad: A passionate zeal to become police officers is passé or so it seems. Youngsters from Telangana State seem to have lost interest in donning khaaki and holding the lathi and take pride in calling themselves as police officers.

This stems from the fact that many individuals have not shown any interest in either applying for the job or appear for the examination. In fact, some have opted out even after clearing the qualifying examination, while some dropped out of the course a few days after joining.

Around 50 candidates have dropped out after the commencement of constable training, which has become a matter of serious concern for officials.

When the Telangana State Police Recruitment Board (TSLPRB) released a notification about 16,295 vacant constable posts, an overwhelming six lakh people applied thereby reinforcing its status as a preferred career option. After the written and physical tests, around 13,690 became eligible.

When training for the fresh batch began on January 17, around 1,370 individuals were absent. Of them, 500 individuals informed that they did not like the job. The remaining absentees did not give information.

The training had begun in 28 different centres. Given the strict vigil and the need to take the principal's permission to go out of the campus, some trainees requested the higher officials to let them go out. On an average, around 3-4 individuals have been asking that they be released. Many, however, were worried that they could be suspended.

The officials on the other side have cited that the training being very hard, the need to wake up early and maintain punctuality seem to have dashed their aspirations. Other things such as excessive usage of mobile phone and applying for leaves are strictly not entertained.

Officials further say that many students who complete their engineering also enroll for the programme. After learning about the extent of effort that is required, they opt for a job in the IT sector so as to live a much easier life.

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