Married cop cheats woman worth Rs 3 lakhs, promises marriage in Madhapur

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  18 Feb 2020 12:35 PM GMT
Married cop cheats woman worth Rs 3 lakhs, promises marriage in Madhapur

Hyderabad: A woman has alleged that a sub-inspector took huge sums of money for her on the pretext of helping her with a case and had promised to marry her. The cop, however, was already married and had concealed the fact from her. Moreover, he was also having an affair with the woman's mother.

The victim tried to approach higher officials when she found out the truth but the sub-inspector prevented her from doing so. However, she approached the authorities and explained her plight, forcing the police to initiate an inquiry.

The incident occurred in 2016 when the cop was working at a police station on the outskirts of the city. Now he is assigned to another police station in the Shamshabad zone in Cyberbad, but he has reportedly not been reporting for duty for more than a month.

According to sources, in 2016 the victim, who is in her mid 30's, had approached a police station in the Madhapur zone regarding a case. The officer, who was entrusted with the case, made her believe that he was investigating the case. He interacted with her frequently and even at odd hours. Soon this turned into a friendship and ended up in a physical relationship. He also took more than Rs. 3 lakh from the victim on various occasions. Though he was already married, he concealed the fact and promised to marry her and started visiting her home frequently.

However, during his visits, the police officer became close to the victim’s mother and had a physical relationship with her as well. The victim got to know of this and approached the police, but using his influence the officer forced the issue to go under wraps. Later, he was transferred to a neighboring police station but still managed to hush up the issue. As he was instrumental in the investigation of a recent sensational case in Cyberabad, the woman approached higher officials again and presented her situation to them. Taking a strong note of the issue, they initiated an inquiry and are in the process of finalising a report against him.

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