Massive lightning damages building in Hyderabad

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 Oct 2019 4:34 PM GMT
Massive lightning damages building in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Amidst heavy rains and thunder strikes all over Telangana, people are capturing the various aspects of the season and sharing it on social media. Among these, Sreenivas Muppalla took to twitter to share an image of an apartment damaged due to massive thunder strikes.

In a conversation with amateur weather enthusiast Rajinikanth on Twitter, Sreenivas shared a picture of an apartment adjacent to his residence. The building’s top portion was damaged due to heavy lightning, and the piece was seen fallen aside.

Speaking to NewsMeter, Rajinikanth disclosed his theory behind the damage. “Lightning occurs due to a change in cloud’s charge to that of the ground — from positive to negative. Lightning finds the shortest way to reach the ground. Hence, the tallest area of a building, or a tall tree for that matter, is the most prone to be hit by lightning. It is a perfect example of that.”

The IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) has issued a yellow warning for Telangana and coastal Andhra Pradesh. As per the weather report, the two states are set to receive heavy rainfall in the coming days.

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