Meet 35YO Hyderabadi who made erring establishments to pay Rs 1 crore fine

By Anusha Puppala  Published on  8 Oct 2020 4:04 AM GMT
Meet 35YO Hyderabadi who made erring establishments to pay Rs 1 crore fine

Hyderabad: A relentless campaign by a 35-year-old social activist has forced 64 erring establishments to pay Rs one crore fine for violating norms and defacing the city.

Vinay Vangala, a resident of Hyderabad, has been actively working on civic issues in the city for the last four years. He filed several complaints with the Enforcement, Vigilance, and Disaster Management (EVDM) wing of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) last month.

The majority of the complaints raised by Vinay were against business establishments for putting up unauthorized advertisements, using flashlights or non- static illumination. Other complaints included advertisements on moving vehicles and use of Illuminated advertisements with brightness more than the allowed limit.

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Unauthorized advertisement by establishments is an offence under section 420 and 421 of GHMC Act.

"Happy to be a part of the change. Just performing my fundamental duties to let the administration know about the violations by the establishments. I can see some establishments removing it after penalties imposed by GHMC. I wish to see more change,” Vinay told Newsmeter.

Vinay dedicates his weekends to social causes. On weekdays, he makes a note of several complaints he receive through WhatsApp and Twitter. Later he visits the spots and helps people whenever required.

In 2018, Vinay started the 'Parivarthan Team', a nonprofit organization, to bring change in society.

"I try to encourage people to shoulder responsibility. I might have influenced more than 50 people in my area. I also help those people who are struggling to overcome problems. I encourage them to fight for their rights. I strongly feel that just sitting and complaining about things will not help. Instead, every citizen should take responsibility and complain to the authorities whenever required and make things work," he said.

During the lockdown, Vinay along with few friends started 'Feed the Needy'. Initially, they started distributing food packets and grocery kits to the needy during the lockdown. Later they started services to transport bodies of COVID 19 victims.

“If I can make negligent establishments to pay Rs 1 crore fine, imagine what can citizens do if they raise voice against the violations. We can see 'Parivarthan' in society. But yes, penalties are not only the solution to bring change among the establishments,” he said.

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