Minor Assam girl forced into prostitution rescued by DCW, 20 others yet to be rescued

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 Aug 2019 4:59 PM GMT
Minor Assam girl forced into prostitution rescued by DCW, 20 others yet to be rescued

Kolkata: The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has rescued a 16-year-old girl from Holambi Kalan in Delhi who was trafficked from Assam and forced into prostitution.

The girl’s parents had passed away several years back, and she had been living with her two sisters in Assam. About nine months ago, a person known to the elder sister lured them to come to Delhi with the promise of a high paying job in a cup manufacturing company. They came to Delhi and started staying with the same person and his wife at his residence.

Three days later, the girls were informed that they would have to work as prostitutes in Delhi. When they protested, they were attacked with blades and were not given food for several days. Soon men started coming and raping them, and eventually, they were forced into prostitution.

The girls were kept in the same house along with 20 other minor girls. On August 19, one of the sisters found that the main door of the house where they were held captive was open and she, along with a few other girls, attempted to escape.

However, the accused caught them and tied them with a rope. The girl was somehow able to cut the rope and managed to escape. She was chased down the road by the man but she somehow managed to get away and reached Badli Railway station at 6 am in the morning where she met a lady named Shalini (name changed).

The survivor, who was weeping, asked Shalini for help who took her home and informed the Delhi Commission for Women.

The DCW team visited Shalini's residence and met the survivor. They tried to get more information from her regarding the exact address of the place where she was kept. The DCW team also took the survivor to the area near Badli Railway station, but she could not recall anything as she was kept drugged most of the time.

An FIR has been registered under sections 370A and 344 of IPC.

According to the survivor, her sisters were kept captive in a house with 20 other girls, and two of the girls even committed suicide in the house. Most of the girls were minors between 14 to 15 years of age.

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