Modi govt determined to go to the bottom of the truth: Kishan Reddy

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 March 2020 5:17 PM GMT
Modi govt determined to go to the bottom of the truth: Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad: Ever since both the houses of the parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill and it became the Citizenship Amendment Act, the country has witnessed over 750 protests both in favour and against the controversial act. As more than 640 protests were against the CAA, only over a 100 were in favour of the CAA.

Since the past 79 days, the country has witnessed a lot of violence as people from all over the country took it to the streets to express their anger and disagreement towards CAA. One of the most brutal and horrific incidents of the recent times, the Delhi riots was one of those incidents where a protest turned into full-fledged riots which also took a communal turn. A picture of a Muslim man getting beaten up by a mob, people pelting stones on police officers, which killed the head constable of Delhi Police, an IB official being dragged from his house, stabbed to death and thrown in a drain, all these things have shook the country.

As Petrol bombs and acid were found from suspended AAP leader Tahir Hussain's residence, the death toll has now reached close to 50, Union minister of state for Home Affairs, G Kishan Reddy, while attending ISB policy conclave, 2020 said - " During the last week, we have witnessed disturbances in Delhi. It is unfortunate that many people lost their lives & property, including a brave constable. Rumours unleashed by political parties, social media, and media added fuel to the fire.

The Modi government is determined to go to the bottom of the truth in-order to unveil conspiracy, if any, to trigger riots. CAA is not to take away citizenship of any Indian but to give citizenship to persecuted religious minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh & Afghanistan."

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