Mother's illicit affair behind 8-year-old Vijayawada girl's murder

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 Nov 2019 5:50 AM GMT
Mothers illicit affair behind 8-year-old Vijayawada girls murder

Vijayawada: An eight-year-old girl from Vijayawada was killed by her mother's lover after she objected to the affair and said she would report it to her father, the police said.

Dwaraka went missing on Sunday evening and her body was found in the house of the alleged killer, Pentayya, alias Prakash, on Monday. It was Prakash's wife who alerted the police about the body.

The police said Dwaraka, a Class 2 student, lived at Gollapudi with her mother M Venkata Ramana, alias Ramani, a sweeper with a private college, and father M Anil who is employed with a liquor godown. The couple's two sons live with their grandparents at Nandigama.

According to the police, Prakash and his wife Sunitha stay in a rented house in the same neighbourhood. On Sunday, Prakash visited Ramani's house after Anil went to work. But the girl revolted against another man's proximity to her mother. She also threatened to spill the beans.

Fearing she would be exposed, Ramani allegedly told Prakash to "do something" about the girl, said the police. Prakash strangled Dwaraka and packed the body in a plastic bag. However, he could not dispose of the body. Prakash then kept the body at his home since Sunitha had been to her parents' place.

Anil returned from work in the evening and failed to find his daughter. Initially, Ramani told him that she was out playing. When the girl was not to be seen for a long time, Anil went to the police. To evade suspicion, Prakash and Ramani both joined the search in the locality.

The mystery was solved the next day after Sunitha came back from her parents' place. She found the body in a plastic bag and alerted the locals and the police. After it was identified that the body was of Dwaraka, neighbours thrashed Prakash before his arrest.

"Our investigation has revealed that Ramani's illicit affair with Prakash was the reason for the murder of the innocent girl," said a police officer. The cops are also examining the call data records of Ramani and Prakash to get more details about their affair and the murder.

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