Moved by girls pulling plough, Sonu Sood gifts Chittoor farmer tractor

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 July 2020 3:04 PM GMT
Moved by girls pulling plough, Sonu Sood gifts Chittoor farmer tractor

Hyderabad: Actor Sonu Sood is turning out to be a real-life hero for a number of people. After helping lakhs of migrant workers return to their homes during the pandemic, now the actor has helped a farmer’s family in their time of need. On 25 July, reacting to a Twitter post, Sonu promised to send a pair of oxen to a farmer's family after a video of the farmer surfaced where he was seen using his daughters to plough the fields. The post read, “Terrible! Tomato farmer in Madanapalle, #Chittoor dt, forced to use his daughters for ploughing as he doesn’t have money to rent bulls. He suffered huge losses last time due to #coronavirus pandemic. With no cash in hand, he begins Kharif season on a sombre note. #AndhraPradesh. (sic)”

Reacting to the video, the actor said that girls should be allowed to focus on their education and he will provide the family with a pair of oxen. "Tomorrow morning he will have a pair of Ox to plough the fields. Let the girls focus on their education. From tomorrow morning, two ox will plough the fields. The farmer is the pride of our country. Protect them (sic)," Sonu tweeted.

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Later, Sonu thought of a better option to help the farmer’s family. The actor on Sunday again tweeted that instead of a pair of oxen he will send the family a tractor. The actor retweeted, “This family doesn’t deserve a pair of ox They deserve a Tractor. So sending you one. By evening a tractor will be ploughing your fields Stay blessed (sic).” According to sources, the tractor has already reached the family.

Talking to NewsMeter, Sonu Sood said, “While helping migrants return to their homes I learnt about Indian students stuck in Kyrgyzstan. There were about 2,000 to 4,000 students and when I contacted them, they were really in a very bad shape and one of them had also died.” On 24 July, Sood had tweeted that a flight with the students from Kyrgyzstan would take off from Bishkek for Vizag.

Sood told NewsMeter, “This is the best stage of my life and the best character I have ever played. I am glad that God chose me to help these people. When they put all their faith in you and they know you are going to help them and the thought of them reuniting with their parents and family keeps me motivated.”

Lalitha, the mother of the two daughters seen in the video, while talking to NewsMeter, said, “I cannot explain how happy I am about what actor Sonu Sood has done for us, something even our own sisters or brothers would have not done. We were running a tea stall in the village which was not giving us any earning due to the pandemic so we had no option but to farm. I assured Sonu Sood that I will educate both my daughters.”

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