Movie watchers can carry their own water bottle and need not pay for 3D glasses

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  8 Dec 2019 4:56 PM GMT
Movie watchers can carry their own water bottle and need not pay for 3D glasses

Hyderabad: Did you know some of the most basic things that an individual can and should do when they go to watch a movie to a stand alone theatre or a multiplex?

If you do, well and good. If you don't, this article is for you.

. You might have bought the premium water bottle that the multiplexes and theatres are selling. They might also restrict you from carrying your own water bottle. Instead of just listening to them as you've been doing so, Did you ever think whether this restriction is allowed ? Even if it is, under which provision of the law or cinemas regulation act of 1955 of TS is this restriction allowed ?

Here's the answer for all of you. There are no restrictions on an individual to carry their own water bottle as per the law. So, if anyone asks you not to carry your water bottle, ask them why ? This was never a restriction. It's just about knowing what is right and what isn't.

. All of the movie buffs out there definitely love movies in 3D. The effect that one feels wearing those glasses is something surreal. Have you ever thought that when you walk into a theatre to watch a 3D movie and buy a ticket, why do they charge you for the glasses? Doesn't it come within the price of the ticket? Under which provision of Cinemas regulation act 1955 of TS is charging for 3D glasses allowed?

Here's the answer for all of you. NO. Any single screen theatres were permitted to collect extra charges for 3D glasses. However, few of the multiplexes are permitted to collect the charges for screening the 3D movies as per their representations and Government orders issued by the government to them. So, the next time you go to a stand-alone theatre and watch a 3D movie, do not pay for it.

. When ever you go to watch a movie in the theatres and buy something, are you provided with a bill or receipt for the money you pay them? Where will you complaint about this? Do you know that the non issuance of the bill is leading to violation of MRP with no trace of evidence?

Here's what you should do. The issue pertains to Legal Metrology department. Whenever you are not given a bill, please question them. It's your hard earned money and you need to have an account of it.

These lesser known answers to the most important questions are answered by the Commissioner of Police, Anjani Kumar in a RTI reply to Anti-corruption activist and founder of NGO, Forum against Corruption, Vijay Gopal on November 5.

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