Viral Video about half-helmets not from Hyderabad

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  13 Nov 2019 9:27 AM GMT
Viral Video about half-helmets not from Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A Twitter video that is gone viral exposes the highhandedness of traffic police, who are seen thrashing two-wheeler riders for wearing half-helmets. Not only are the cops stopping such bikers and shoving them on the ground but they are also telling them that they cover the entire head. The video is being shared stating that it is from a Hyderabad location.

However, Cyberabad Traffic police clarified that it was from the city. "This video is not from Hyderabad city. However, half-helmets are incapable of protecting the head of the rider during accidents. As per law, the headgear should cover the full head," clarified a senior officer.

Newsmeter team investigated the video to zero in on the precise location where the incident happened. Firstly, the audio heard in the video is in Kannada. Secondly, upon performing reverse image search on the screenshots from the video, we see that at the spot where the bikes were being checked, despite it being blur, the number plate of bikes seem to be from Karnataka.

Half Helmets2

As half-helmets are banned in Benguluru and Mysuru as also other parts of Karnataka, traffic police has been conducting special drives to seize these sub-standard and worthless helmets and suggesting them to buy ISI approved helmets. Using Google translate and Google Search with Kannada keywords to describe half-helmets and availability across Karnataka, we received many video links and some news links.

One news article published on the website Public TV, on November 10, 2019 is also found.

It reports that the incident of traffic cops seizing half helmets and thrashing the riders happened in Hassan district.

It also states that

"Half-helmeted riders are shocked. Hassan City Police has launched a 'Half-Helmet Operation' to trap such riders. We now have to wear standard full-length helmets with ISI markings. Police are tearing up everything off the helmet and instructing them to buy a new helmet. The operation has been going on for the past two days and over a thousand half-helmets have been seized."

This news was widely reported in Karnataka's vernacular media though not a word of it is in English newspapers.

This video is from Hassan and NOT from Hyderabad. The claim that this video is from Hyderabad is FALSE.

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