Red Alert : Terror threat to all major Indian Airports

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 Aug 2019 3:44 PM GMT
Red Alert : Terror threat to all major Indian Airports

Mumbai : With the recent development in relation to Jammu and Kashmir, a high alert has been issued at the Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL). This is in continuation to the alert issued on August 5. Other major airports like Hyderabad and Bangalore have also been put on high alert.According to inputs received, airports are a soft target for terrorist attacks. The probability of an attack or unlawful interference is more from the city side of the airport premises/ terminal and the metro airports are more vulnerable. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has also declared measures for landside security at airports as mandatory practice.

As per the instructions issued in the alert, all vehicles particularly cars approaching the airports will be subjected to intensive random security check at the vehicle checkpoints. The checkpoint will be arranged 1 km away from the airport terminal or as per the availability of the space to put up such barriers.

The vehicle checkpoints will be set up by the state police or the airport security group as per their jurisdiction, with sufficient manpower and equipment round the clock.
Random screening will begin with immediate effect at the checkpoints and the concerned authorities or security officials at the checkpoint should make sure that a certain percentage of vehicles should be checked on a random basis and a minimum number of vehicles have to be searched.

Authorities have been instructed to use the under view mirror while checking vehicles. Luggage space in cars/vehicles will also be checked and officials have been instructed to avoid unnecessary harassment and delays.
This alert will be operational with immediate effect and will continue till August 31, 2019 or until further orders are received.

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