1,198 autos and 75 Water Tankers booked in Hyderabad for violating traffic rules

By Anusha Puppala  Published on  10 Jan 2020 1:51 PM GMT
1,198 autos and 75 Water Tankers booked in Hyderabad for violating traffic rules

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Traffic Police (HTP) booked 1,198 autos and 75 Water Tankers for violating traffic rules in the city. The city traffic police conducted a special drive on January 7, 2020, against the Autos for carrying extra school children and violations of other traffic rules. In this special drive, HTP checked about 6400 autos and booked 1,198 cases against the Autos for violating the following traffic rules.

Among the 1,198 cases against auto drivers,329 were booked for carrying Extra School Children, 172 were booked for Extra passengers, 631 were booked for Extra Projection and 266 booked for driving Without Uniform.

In a similar drive, HTP checked around 290 tankers and booked 75 cases against the Water Tankers for various violations of traffic rules and MV Act. With the aim to ensure the safety of the citizens, traffic police conducted the special drive on January 7 and January 2020 against the Water Tankers moving in Hyderabad City.

The city traffic officials have requested all the parents of school children not to send their children in a vehicle carrying more than the seating capacity. According to Hyderabad Traffic Police, Transporting Children in an overloaded vehicle is a clear violation of Traffic rules as it endangers the lives of children.

Mr Anil Kumar, Addl. Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Hyderabad said, "We request the parents to check the validity of documents like Driving License of Driver, Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate and Fitness Certificate of vehicles before sending children to Schools. The parents should also verify the antecedents/behaviour of the driver. We will continue the special drive in the city. School managements should also ensure the safety of school children during the to and fro journeys of school children".

Among the 75 cases booked against Water Tankers, 8 were booked for Improper and Irregular Number plates, 2 were booked without Driving License, 1 booked without Documents, 5 booked without Insurance, 7 without PUC, 16 were booked without Uniform and 3 were booked for Dangerous driving.

The city traffic officials have also requested the water tanker owners and managements to avoid trips during school hours in school zones and to reduce trips during peak hours.

According to traffic officials, many water tankers are moving in the city without proper permission from the concerned authorities. Traffic police advised them to seek permissions from the concerned authorities. The owners of the water tankers will be held responsible for violations of traffic rules, Mr Anil Kumar added.

Additional Traffic Commissioner has requested to inform traffic violations to Hyderabad Traffic Police through Hyderabad Traffic Police Facebook, Twitter, Traffic Help Line (9010203626) and Traffic Live App to ensure safety and security in Hyderabad City and cooperate with Hyderabad Traffic Police.

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