JNU sdministration files complaints against own students, union body questions admin

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 Jan 2020 1:43 PM GMT
JNU sdministration files complaints against own students, union body questions admin

New Delhi: The Students Union of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) lashed out at the JNU administration on Tuesday (January 7) asking why the administration is not taking actions against the attacks and is instead filing complaints on the students with the Delhi Police.

The administration on Sunday filed complaints against the student’s union leader Aishe Ghosh and several other students, saying that they vandalised the camera and the server room. The Delhi police today filed two FIR’s against the JNU students based on the complaints by the JNU administration.

The student union took to Twitter and said, “Why has the administration not registered any complaint with Delhi Police regarding the January 5 violence where several students and faculties were attacked by the mob and university property was also damaged?. (Sic)”

Apart from this, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), joint secretary Anima Sonakar, agreed in a television news channel that two men seen in the video carrying rods belonged to their organization. She in the Times Now channel said that she will not ‘disown’ that the two seen the video are ABVP men. However, she later backtracked from this statement.

She also claimed that in whatsapp groups, ABVP students were advised to carry arms whenever they stepped out of their JNU hostels. Later she changed the statement by saying not just ABVP all the students were asked to carry arms for self-defence.

Another post has been going viral on Instagram, citing that the woman seen the video is ABVP student activist Komal Sharma. The Instagram message says that she has agreed that she was there when the attacks happened in JNU and the woman seen in the video is her. According to the message Komal Sharma agreed to one of her fellow seniors, that she was one of those who attacked JNU students on January 5.

Sharavan B Raj, General Secretary of ABVP, said, “A lot of screenshots are spreading from different sources saying ABVP have done this. These are fake and there is no evidence proving ABVP is behind this. It is clear that who is spreading intolerance in the campuses. Even if it is Kerala Varma College in Thrissur or JNU, leftist goons are behind this. We never support any kind of Intolerances in the University spaces.”

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