Vizianagaram youth posts TikTok video citing 'final selfie'; dies in road accident

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 Jan 2020 7:34 AM GMT
Vizianagaram youth posts TikTok video citing final selfie; dies in road accident

Vizianagaram: On Tuesday night, 25-year-old M Vinod posted a TikTok video with his friends, telling his followers that it was his final selfie in 2019. While it was a take on the New Year, fate had other plans, as Vinod died in a road accident a few hours after posting the TikTok video.

The tragic incident took place at Yedlapalem village under Bondapalli Mandal in Vizianagaram in the wee hours of Wednesday (January 1). In the video, Vinod mentioned, “dear cousin” (Orey Bava in local parlance) that it was his last selfie. When his friend asked whether he would die tomorrow, Vinod replied that it was not like that and that it was the last selfie of 2019.

Vinod and his two friends enjoyed welcoming the New Year at his hometown in M Kothavalasa on Tuesday night. While the trio was travelling on a bike after celebrations, the rider lost control of the vehicle due to over-speeding and hit a roadside palm tree. The impact threw Vinod off the vehicle, and he fell in a local tank near the road, while his two friends suffered severe injuries.

Vizianagaram police said that over-speeding was the reason for the accident. Friends and parents of Vinod are still shocked by the tragic incident.

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