Hyderabad: “Today morning, a Class VI girl brought me her notebook. On the first page, its written ‘My teacher Augustin’. What better gift do you need on Teacher’s Day,” laughs T. Augustin, additional in-charge headmaster of the ZPHS High School. When Augustin joined the ZPHS almost a year back, he was the only teacher running the school.

“Students were least interested in coming to school then. They didn’t know how to learn, and they were in-disciplined,” recalls Augustin. So, it was left to Augustin to revive everything from scratch. 

Agustin says, “Chintalakunda is a remote region. Teachers are not interested in working here. I picked the opportunity to teach here because this school really needed a teacher.”


Realising that the best way to attract the students is to continuously engage them in academics and co-curricular activities, Augustin introduced a number of innovative programs such as No-bag day and Balasabha.

On the No-bag day which is held on the third Saturday of every month, we have a unique time table for students. They practice yoga, read books, write reviews on the books they have read, prepare posters on social issues and conduct quiz programmes.

However, running a school by himself was a challenge. He struck upon an idea and groomed some of the earnest students from Class IX and Class X as Little Teachers to teach the younger classes.

Suman, a Class IX student, says, “I teach Class VI and Class VII. Students listen to me with attention and respond to my questions. They have inspired me to become a teacher in the future.”


Augustin also introduced a peer group learning programme for the students. In the programme, daily in the evening students sit in groups of five and revise the day’s lessons before going home. Balasabha, another initiative by Augustin happens every Saturday. At Balasabhas students perform plays, recite poems and tell stories. “These initiatives helped students develop leadership skills and overcome stage fear,” says Augustin. 

To improve the students writing skills, Augustin also introduced them to diary writing. “Expressing myself through words was difficult initially. But now it’s not. Diary writing allows me to revisit my day before going to bed, and I enjoy it,” says Sreeja a Class IX student.

Augustin who hails from Gadwal village has been in the profession of teaching for the past 12 years. Everyday Augustin travels more than 40 kms from his village Godwal to come to Chintalakunda to teach. This Teacher’s Day, his students made their parents bring sweets for him.

Students no more bunk class in ZPHS, which is the only high school in Chintalakunda. The total enrolment has risen from 275 to 305 this year. Last month, six more enthusiastic teachers joined Augustin to take forward the dreams of the ZPHS and raise it to new hights.

Dheeshma Puzhakkal

Dheeshma Puzhakkal is currently a Reporter with Newsmeter. An alumnus of Hyderabad Central University, she has interned with Greater Kashmir newspaper and NDTV. Dheeshma has also made short films and documentaries. Her documentary ‘Still I Rise’, which is based on sex-trafficking in Hyderabad’s Old City, has earned accolades in several film festivals, such as International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kerala (IDSFFK). An avid foodie, she loves to travel and listen to stories that others tell. Photography is one of her all-time interests. She has extensively written on satellite-based journalism, health, consumer, and data stories besides covering anti-crime investigative agencies.

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  • One of the mostly best and Friendly Teacher is Augustin sir🙏🙏.
    Thnk U sooooo much for U r wonderfull job sir🙏🙏🙏🙏.

    U r student
    G Veeranna

  • Good teacher change the students learning style, I hope every student in medikonda ZPHS become a good citizens in our society. I know Augustine sincerity , he encouraging the every student . NO BAG DAY is very excellent, in this aspect every student shows in their own creativity.

  • Yes , Augustine brother is also my teacher ..who taught me to increase my leadership skills from my childhood.. about Augustine sir ,he was making awesome chinthalkunta school from that V r also learning how to teach children.i m so impressed by summer maths camp.

  • గంగిగోవు పాలు గరిటెడైనను చాలు
    కడివెడైననేమి ఖరము పాలు
    భక్తి కలుగు కూడు పట్టెడైననుచాలు,
    విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ.


    మంచి ఆవు పాలు కొన్ని ఉన్నా చాలు. గాడిద పాలు ఎన్ని ఉన్నా ఆవు పాలకు సమానం కావు.
    రకరకాల ఆహార పదార్ధాలతో వండిన విందు భోజనం కంటే సాత్వికమైనది, దేవుని పై భక్తి కలిగించేది అయినది కొంచెం ఆహారం చాలు.
    అని వేమన భావం.

  • According to me, Augustine is one of the good teacher in jogulamba Gadwal. But, his impact on the students is greater… . I believe, he always trusts on the students. He selects who are in raw diamonds. He leaves his impression on the students to bring out the abilities, creativity & imagination. I think, he selects school, where is it needed.
    At the end Is would like to say “He is not only a teacher but friend”.
    Have a butterfly colours in upcoming days young man…

  • Wonderful…,Amazing….
    Selecting the remote area to work,it is really DEVINE THOUGHT..
    Working in a needy place is only DEVINE WILL.
    Having such TEACHER is only DEVINE HELP.
    Thank you very much brother for YOUR Concern over POOR & INNOCENT STUDENTS inspite of facing many problems to go there and teach.
    God may strengthen you,give wisdom to make many useful students to the society.

  • We are really proud of you babai… May ur all dreams come true… 😍 with all ur dedication n skills’ there is no Gud guide then the skill full teacher’.. Happy Teacher’s day

  • Yes Augustine sir is one of the creative teachers , He has been putting his efforts to bring out the inner talents from students mind , Those students are so lucky for getting the geniuse teacher in Maths and HM

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