Mysterious twitter handle scripts alleged encounter 6 days back

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  6 Dec 2019 1:11 PM GMT
Mysterious twitter handle scripts alleged encounter 6 days back

Hyderabad: There had been outright celebrations around the country over the encounter killing of Disha's rapists. Though a few opposed the way the police acted, many are lauding the officers. Tollywood celebrities have responded saying that justice has been served to Disha.

However, a five-day-old tweet is sending ripples in the film industry now. On December 1, 2019, a twitter handle by the name of Kona Fan Club tweeted, "Sir if you want to punish them. Take them for a crime scene reconstruction to the same point where Disha was burnt. I'm sure they will try to escape, and I'm sure that the police will have no option but to shoot them. Please think once."

This tweet was in reply to Telangana Minister KTR's tweet, "And the perpetrators have been nabbed. But I wonder how we can offer solace to the grieving family seeking justice for (sic) #Disha."

Here is the archived tweet of @konafanclub:

Now, after Telangana police had to kill the four accused in an alleged encounter, netizens are sharing this tweet and wondering about the coincidence.

Kona Venkat is a well-known film screenwriter, producer, director, dialogue writer, lyricist and actor. Dramatically, a script rendered by a handle named as his fan club seems to be the way the encounter happened early morning on December 6.

Though the tweet is real and has been archived, the whereabouts of the account holder is not known. All attempts to find if this tweet is real or not are in vain, as this handle is unavailable now. The account has been deleted from twitter. Whether Twitter removed the handle, or the user deleted it is unknown at the point.

So, the claim stays unverifiable.

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