Nagarjuna's tattoo and the philosophy behind it

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  9 Sep 2019 11:48 AM GMT
Nagarjunas tattoo and the philosophy behind it

Hyderabad: Nagarjuna who had celebrated his 60th birthday along with his family in Ibiza, returned to his show Bigg Boss Telugu 3 this week. Sunday's Bigg Boss episode had Nagarjuna accompanied by Bigg Boss Telugu 2 host Nani on the stage. Nani who hosted Bigg Boss Telugu 2 was at the show Bigg Boss Telugu 3 to promote his upcoming movie 'Gang Leader'.

In one of the fun conversations, Nani had asked Nagarjuna to show his tattoo to the audience and the contestants. Nagarjuna showed his tattoo to everyone, and also explained the philosophy behind the specialized design. A video of Nagarjuna getting inked was shown on the screen during Bigg Boss Telugu 3 show yesterday.

Nagarjuna's tattoo has a snake which is withering off its skin at the bottom. On the top of the tattoo, there is a compass which is showing to the North direction and in the middle of the whole tattoo, there is an eye.

The eye symbolizes that Nagarjuna is always looking out for naive things in his life. The compass shows 'N' which means that there is happiness within one's heart and that is the only direction in life. Nagarjuna's name has a naga- which is a serpent or a snake and hence that specialized design. Nagarjuna explained that he withers off his old baggage and emotional things like the snake in the tattoo.

Nani and the contestants were super excited with the meaningful explanation given by Nagarjuna regarding his tattoo.

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