Naidu’s rejig of TDP raises rivals’ interest as he picks 39 promising party leaders

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Sep 2020 10:41 AM GMT
Naidu’s rejig of TDP raises rivals’ interest as he picks 39 promising party leaders

Vijayawada: Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and national president of Telugu Desam Party, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, on Sunday, announced names of 25 Parliamentary unit presidents among others.

Naidu indicated that the party had selected hard-working, talented leaders who have proved their mettle and passion for people’s welfare.

Naidu, a three-time CM known for his futuristic policies, has moved from the erstwhile district president model and announced 25 Parliamentary unit presidents. This is a major announcement after the 2019 debacle the party suffered by winning only 23 seats in the Assembly polls.

The TDP supremo stressed that the party has focused on a merger of meritocracy with democracy in its current choice of appointees. It is understood that these changes are being rolled out to help the TDP members raise local issues and empower ordinary people to hold the YSRCP government to account.

Sources close to the party said that a ground exercise was carried out to gain candidate perception and acceptability prior to announcement of the presidents on Sunday.

A few of the names in the list would definitely raise people’s interest in knowing about them. Palla Srinivas, a strong leader from the Yadava community has been appointed in-charge of the Visakhapatnam Parliamentary constituency. Among others, 44-year-old Abdul Aziz has also been given the responsibility to handle affairs in the Nellore Parliamentary constituency.

Naidu’s determination to accomplish the unachievable and his meticulous planning is something that has often unnerved his rivals, be it the inclusion of members from the Reddy community in his recent party rejig or appointing a 32-year-old as president of the Vizianagaram Parliamentary constituency.

Naidu’s tactical approach is hidden in the details as 32-year-old Kimidi Nagarjuna is not just an enthusiastic youth wing politician but also a member of the Turpu Kapu community, a dominant community in Uttara Andhra.

In addition to the 25 Parliamentary constituency presidents, the TDP also announced 13 observers to oversee the affairs of 2 Parliamentary constituencies each, except for Araku, which got its own exclusive observer appointed by the party.

Only time will tell the results these changes would yield but the former CEO of Andhra Pradesh, as he was fondly called, is geared up for the ensuing battle.

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