Nani's 'Gang Leader' gets mixed ratings?

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  13 Sep 2019 8:05 AM GMT
Nanis Gang Leader gets mixed ratings?

Hyderabad: Telugu star, Nani's much-awaited movie 'Gang Leader' has hit the screens today. With the decent buzz, this movie is touted to be a crime thriller with a witty narrative.

As the movie 'Gang Leader' hit the screens, the initial reports seem to indicate that the movie is strictly a 'one-time watch'. Though the entertaining aspects of this movie are being highlighted by the ones who have watched the movie, reviews by media channels have so far been mixed.

Nani took to his Twitter early in the morning today and left a witty note regarding his movie Gang Leader.

"Superhit ayithey lepandi otherwise don’t disturb #GangLeader is all yours. Hope you all love it. -Mee Pencil Parthasarathy", Nani wrote.

Sharing a cute picture of him leaning on actress Lakshmi's shoulders, Nani asked everyone to wake him only if the movie is a super hit. Well, here are a few initial reports from Twitter.

"#GangLeader is a decent entertainer with a smooth screenplay and healthy humour. Another hit in the kitty of @NameisNani. Mythri Movie Makers finally break the jinx. Smooth narrative with minor twists!"

"#GangLeader is a strict one time watch. An exciting & refreshing premise, a few comedy scenes and a decent block in the second half are the reason for it."

"#GangLeader all set to lead today! All the very best babai @NameisNani !", Actor Allari Naresh wrote earlier today.

"#PencilParthasarathi has come!! #GangLeader has released near you! Wishing my dearest friend @NameisNani, @MythriOfficial, @Vikram_K_Kumar and the entire team a huge success. Go watch it in your nearest theatres!

#GangLeaderFromToday", Actor Aadhi Pinisetty wished.

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