Narsingi police nails Golden Star MD, staffers for Monish's death at PBEL City

By Coreena Suares  Published on  15 Dec 2019 1:51 PM GMT
Narsingi police nails Golden Star MD, staffers for Monishs death at PBEL City

Hyderabad: Narsingi police filed a charge sheet nailing the culprits ten months and four days after seven-year-old Monish succumbed to electrocution at PBEL City (gated community). The police mentioned the Managing Director and five staffers of Golden Star Private Limited (the maintenance company of PBEL city) in the charge sheet.

Narsingi Police booked the staffers of Golden Star under 304 (2) (culpable homicide, not amounting to murder). The employees include MD Ankita Verghese, 25-year-old housekeeping staff Sai Kumar Goud, and Madhav, a mechanic. Besides, the officers also booked INCOR Builders and the Owners’ association under section 304 A ( cause of death due to negligence).

Narsingi police told NewsMeter that a final copy of the chargesheet will be submitted to the court on December 16.

How did Monish die?

On February 11, around 6.30 pm, Monish was playing on the lawns with other children, while hundreds of residents were present. Some were busy playing with the kids, and some were on their evening walk. The seven-year-old, while playing, went near a lamppost and held it to swing. He was electrocuted and was frozen for a while before collapsing.

CCTV cameras installed at the residential area captured the entire incident. The visuals prove that the boy was unattended for at least three to five minutes. After noticing Monish lying on the ground, the residents shifted him to a room to provide first aid. However, it was too late for that.

Narsingi police booked a case against INCOR Developers, residential welfare association of PBEL City, and the firm in charge of maintaining the amenities in the community.

What did the investigation reveal?

Investigation revealed that a live wire exposed to the adjacent lamppost killed Monish. It also explained that an unskilled housekeeping staff left the wire there. Narsingi police took into custody Sai Kumar Goud and Madhav. The officers filed a criminal case against them for negligence.

While speaking to NewsMeter, the investigating officer said, “Housekeeping staff Sai Kumar Goud was setting up temporary floodlights ahead of the Sankranti festivities held at PBEL City. While installing additional lighting, Sai Kumar, who is untrained on electrical works, removed the connection from the lamppost’s junction box. After the festival celebration, the man is supposed to have reconnected the live wires. However, he did not, and that is criminal negligence.”

Monish played with the lamppost which had an exposed live wire, resulting in his electrocution. Notably, there were several such lampposts with exposed wires. It could have led to the death of many of the community’s innocent residents.

“During the custody, both accused confessed that they were working on the behest of the electrician,” added the investigating officer.

What did the Postmortem report say?

According to the PME, a cardiac arrest caused by the electrocution resulted in the child’s death. This critical evidence substantiates the case under criminal negligence booked against the management of Golden Star and the developers.

The examination during the post mortem report found red-brown wound on Monish’s left forearm. The report said that electrical entry probably caused the injury. Besides, Monish had no wound or fracture and his heart contained clotted blood. The report concluded, “Death probably due to cardio-respiratory arrest due to electrocution.”

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