National Conference MP questions slapping of PSA against Farooq Abdullah

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  17 Sep 2019 9:20 AM GMT
National Conference MP questions slapping of PSA against Farooq Abdullah

National Conference MP, Justice Hasnain Masoodi has questioned the slapping of PSA or Public Safety Act against National Conference president, Farooq Abdullah. People booked under PSA or public safety act can be detained for a period of two years without a trial. PSA was filed against Farooq Abdullah on Monday.

“How can PSA be slapped against somebody who has been in politics for 50 years and a three-time Chief Minister? Can he be a risk to the security of the state?”, Justice Masoodi asked.

Justice Hasnain Masoodi along with the other National Conference MP Akbar Lone held a meeting with Dr Farooq Abdullah last week and that said he is not keeping good health.

“Dr Farooq Abdullah was not keeping good health since last month, concerns about his health remain”, Justice Hasnain Masoodi said.

He said that the situation in Kashmir has not improved since the scrapping of Article 370 last month.

“The situation hasn’t improved in Kashmir since the revocation of Article 370, communication blockade continues to be in place”, Justice Masoodi said.

Justice Hasnain Masoodi said that the revocation of Article 370 isn’t good and this would cause a disconnect between people of Jammu and Kashmir and the rest of the country.

“The scrapping of article 370 will widen the gulf between the people of Kashmir and the rest of the country”, Justice Hasnain Masoodi added.

“Everybody is commenting on Kashmir after the revocation of Article 370. Some observations have also been made by parliamentarians from a different country”, he added.

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