Never met him after Pranay's death: Amrutha after father's suicide

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 March 2020 7:28 AM GMT
Never met him after Pranays death: Amrutha after fathers suicide

Hyderabad: On a day of swift and dramatic developments on Sunday, immediately after news broke that the prime accused in the Pranay honour killing, Maruthi Rao, had committed suicide here on Saturday, his daughter, Amrutha, scotched media reports and speculations that he had sent feelers to her about a compromise deal vis-à-vis property in lieu of her clean chit to him in the killing of her husband and his son-in-law two years back.

“I got to know of his death through news channels. We don't even have confirmation on whether it is true or not. I cannot say anything as of now but perhaps tomorrow when I get to know everything,” was her immediate reaction when approached.

In further clarification, she said, "I was not in any contact with him, neither phone calls nor messages. If he has indeed committed suicide, he might have realised his mistake. But if there's any other reason, I don't know. I have not seen or spoken to him since Pranay's death. All I can think is that he might have regretted. "

It may be recalled that immediately after Pranay was hacked to death outside the hospital, Amrutha first called her father over the phone saying that someone attacked Pranay. But Maruthi Rao after hearing this disconnected the call, without even saying a word.

Meanwhile, Pranay's father said, "We don't know when and what had happened. So we can't speak, as of now. Once we get an official confirmation, we will speak. "

It was two years ago when Pranay, a Dalit, and Amrutha, fell in love with each other and even got married without informing anyone.

As soon as Maruthi Rao came to know about the wedding, he was against it as he belonged to upper caste. He hired killers, who hacked Pranay to death right in front of Amrita outside the Miryalaguda Hospital in Nalgonda district.

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