• No one has authority to dismiss employees, asserts Ashwathama Reddy; Sakala Janula Samara Bheri on October 30
  • The RTC JAC has called all the employees, political parties and social organisation to make the Sakala Janula Samara Bheri at Sarronagar on October 30 a success. 

Hyderabad:The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of TSRTC unions advised all striking employees not to fear the statement by Chief Minister KCR. TSRTC is not a jagir K Chandrasekhar Rao, said Ashwathama Reddy, convenor of JAC. He requested all TSRTC employees not to lose confidence.

“At a Karimnagar meeting, KCR assured on merging TSRTC with the state government. Now, the same KCR is threatening RTC employees. No one has the authority to dismiss employees. We have a judicial system and courts can monitor the state government. The Chief Minister spoke in such a way that it insulted the feelings of employees. We’re not demanding any unusual things. Economy recession is a global phenomenon. However, the CM talks as if it’s only affecting Telangana. Because of unions, TSRTC assets are protected. TSRTC employees are not servants at KCR’s farmhouse. During the first term, KCR used to say that Telangana was a rich state. Now, he says the economic slowdown is affecting the state. How the state fell into losses in just three years,” remarked Ashwathama Reddy.

The RTC JAC called all employees, political parties and social organisation to make the Sakala Janula Samara Bheri at Saroornagar on October 30 a success. He asked all RTC employees to bring their relatives and friends to the event.

The ongoing RTC strike entered its twentieth day on October 24, 2019. Over 48,000 RTC employees have been on strike. They are demanding the merging of TSRTC with the state government. The demand gained momentum after AP chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced the merger of APSRTC with AP government. As part of their ongoing strike, RTC employees are preventing buses from coming out of bus depots. Meanwhile, the state government deployed private drivers to run RTC buses.


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