New COVID cases in GHMC limits has decreased in last 10 days: Health Official

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Aug 2020 2:49 PM GMT
New COVID cases in GHMC limits has decreased in last 10 days: Health Official

Hyderabad: The number of new COVID cases reported in Greater Hyderabad jurisdiction, once worst hit, has seen a declined in the last 10 days. However, the cases are seeing a surge in districts, said Dr G Srinivas Rao- Director Public Health, Telangana.

Speaking to Newsmeter, the Director - PH said, “The decline in new COVID cases in Hyderabad, indicates the nature of the virus. Initially, it will affect the larger density population in the cities, and then the small town and villages get affected. The government has made arrangements to contain the virus".

He further added, "The testing capacity in the state has been amplified, COVID test is being conducted at more than 1100 centres across the state, including Primary health centres and urban primary health centres".

The government officials claim that more than 86,000 isolation cases (kits) in the state have been distributed, while 20,000 kits in GHMC limits. “After conducting the tests, if the person's report turned positive, the COVID centres are providing the patient with a home isolation kit through a medical officer. The patient's health is monitored through our 24/7 call centres,” Said, Dr Rao.

The COVID treatment in the state is being decentralised. Earlier treatment of COVID cases was limited to 4-5 hospitals. However, following the surge in cases, the Telangana health department has reached out to medical colleges and private medical colleges along with the district and area hospitals to treat COVID patients.

The government also asserted that they have increased the number of beds connected with oxygen supply.The medicines and injections such as Remedesivir have been extensively supplied in all the hospitals.

"The mortality rate has come down, it is less than 1 per cent in the last few months as compared to the national average which is around 2.5 per cent'.The Director of public health also asserted that 95 per cent of GHMC cases will come down by the end of August while in September last week district cases will also go down.

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