NIMS doctors celebrate b'day of rescued baby

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  16 Oct 2019 4:00 PM GMT
NIMS doctors celebrate bday of rescued baby

Hyderabad: In an incident that will surely bring a smile to you, a just born female baby was found abandoned at the busy NIMS hospital at Punjagutta on Wednesday.

NIMS doctors celebrate b'day of rescued baby

The baby , whose umbilical cord was intact was dumped in the bushes of the Hospital surrounding, indicating that she was abandoned soon after the delivery .

On Wednesday afternoon, the youngsters who came to visit their friend admitted to NIMS , went aside to relieve themselves behind the Millennium block. While they were returning, they heard the baby’s cry from the bushes .

NIMS doctors celebrate b'day of rescued baby

They rushed towards the noise and found her . Furthermore, they found that the child was wrapped in a polythene bag. The youngsters immediately alerted hospital authorities, who shifted the child to the emergency block. She was treated for any infections and kept under observation for a couple of hours.

The doctors at NIMS and the staff celebrated her birthday by cutting a cake before she was shifted to Shishu Vihar for further care

In another incident , occurred four days ago, a newborn male child was found abandoned at Khanamet of Madhapur in the city. When a pack of stray dogs surrounded the child, an advocate from the vicinity noticed the child crying and rescued him. He was also shifted to Shishu Vihar for better care.

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