No, PM Modi and Putin wont be attending Tamil Nadu's Jallikattu

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  2 Nov 2019 8:18 AM GMT
No, PM Modi and Putin wont be attending Tamil Nadus Jallikattu

Hyderabad: Reports of Russian President Vladimir Putin attending Jallikattu in January 2020 have been circulation on various media platforms in the last week of October 2019.

Allegedly, this thread was started by the Hindustan Times, when it published an article titled, "Russian President Putin may witness Tamil Nadu's bull-taming sport Jallikattu in January."

According to the report a top official in Tamil Nadu had informed them that the Russian President would be visiting Allanganallur village, which is near to Madurai to watch Jallikattu. The event attracts thousands of visitors, including foreigners.

After this article was released, many other publishing houses printed or uploaded the same like OpIndia and MyNation, to name a few. Similar claims flooded social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Fact check:

Upon cross-checking the sources and further investigation, NewsMeter team found that the information is FALSE.

The ministry of external affairs brushed aside the reports of Mr Vladimir Putin visiting Alanganallur village near Madurai to witness Jallikattu.

Press Information Bureau, Gujarat officially condemned these reports.

Even popular news agency ANI confirmed that this information is incorrect.

The foreign editor of the Hindustan Times also tweeted that there is no truth in these reports.

Hindustan Times published an article refuting this news.

The conclusion is that there is no truth in the messages claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin is attending Jalliakattu in Tamil Nadu along with PM Modi during Pongal celebrations.

Claim: Russian President will be attending Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu

Claims by: Several media platforms

Fact Check: FALSE. There is no truth in these reports. Official media agencies like PIB, ANI have condemned these reports.

Claim Review:PM Modi and Putin wont be attending Tamil Nadu's Jallikattu
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