Now touch-less elevators at Hyderabad's International Airport

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 Sep 2020 11:57 AM GMT
Now touch-less elevators at Hyderabads International Airport

Hyderabad: GMR-led Hyderabad International Airport has executed a pilot project turning an elevator at the departures-level from the traditional push-button controls to safer touch-less alternative heightening passenger safety, in view of the fast spreading Covid-19.

The airport has developed an ingenious solution of touch-less elevator control system, which is based on infra-red technology. As part of the local engineering innovation to solve complex problems, the developers have used an array of infra-red sensors to detect the spatial position of the user’s fingers as they pass through the sensing plane.

Piloted at one of the elevators at the departures-level, the users can now wave their hands closer to the sensor to call the elevator at any floor they are standing. Once inside the elevator, they can point their finger towards a floor number as a command for a designated floor.

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The sensor can detect interaction from a distance of 0.1-10 cm from the button surface to enable users make their selection with absolutely no physical contact.

With the successful culmination of the pilot project, the airport is going ahead with enabling all passenger elevators across the airport terminal building with this automation.

The airport is known for its many innovative, technology-friendly and digital measures for passenger convenience and is also a fully e-boarding enabled airport.

Other measures include zero-contact and fully sanitised services like self-check in kiosks, tech-enabled entry gates, self-baggage drop, virtual information desk for passengers, UV enabled disinfection of Automatic Tray Retrieval Systems (ATRS) at the pre-embarkation security screening zones, UV ovens at the retail outlets, touch less drinking water fountains and inline disinfection of departure and arrival baggage trolleys, washrooms among others.

The number of passenger footfalls is also steadily increasing at Hyderabad International Airport. The airport is handling over 20,000 domestic passengers daily, which is over 6 times the passenger footfall of about 3000, when the airport recommenced on 25th May, after the lockdown was lifted.

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