Odd-even rule to begin again in Delhi from November 4

By Bhartendu Sharma  Published on  13 Sep 2019 8:50 AM GMT
Odd-even rule to begin again in Delhi from November 4

Delhi: In order to counter winter pollution, the odd-even traffic rule will once again be effective in New Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal announced on Friday.

The rule will be active in the nation's capital between November 4 and November 15. Emergency vehicles will not be subject to this rule.

CM Kejriwal had met environmental and sustainability experts to formulate plans to counter winter air pollution. He said 'more than 1200 suggestions' were sent in from people via e-mail, and keeping that in mind, a seven-point action plan has been prepared.

In October, the Delhi government will start distributing N-95 category masks on a larger scale. Apart from that, the govt will also appeal to burning fewer crackers on Deewali.

Kejriwal further added that in a bid to counter dust, mechanical water sprinklers will be installed. Apart from that, 12 of the most polluted areas have been identified and have been termed 'Hotspots.' A separate plan will be prepared for these areas.

As part of the plan, every ward in Delhi will have two environment marshals.

While speaking to the media, Kejriwal said, "Odd-even will be implemented from November 4 to November 15. Studies show that it reduces pollution by 10-15 per cent."

"I appeal to people of Delhi to not burst crackers. Delhi government will organise a laser show on the evening of Chhoti Diwali," he added.

On the Amended Motor Vehicles Act, the Delhi CM said, "We are looking at it. If there is a clause which is causing trouble to the people, we will change it. The current provision has helped in reducing traffic violations in Delhi."

The Delhi govt will also start an initiative to plant as many trees as possible and the citizens of the capital will also be commended for their contribution. Those interested can communicate via phone, SMS or Whatsapp and plants will be delivered to their residence.

Apart from firecrackers and the Odd-Even rule, the remaining five points will be effective throughout winter which will be known as the 'Winter Action Plan'

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