One house in Trimulgherry has 228 bogus votes

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Jan 2020 2:31 PM GMT
One house in Trimulgherry has 228 bogus votes

Hyderabad: In a shocking revelation on National Voter's Day, which falls on January 25, about 228 fake votes were found, all from a single house in Trimulgherry. The incident came to light on Saturday when a political party (BJP) was doing a door-to-door voter verification campaign in the area.

The fake votes were detected using a mobile application named 'Election Management Software' which was designed by one of the contesting candidates, Mr.G Shravan Kumar. Earlier, the same app was used to find out that there were a total of 2,167 fake votes in all the eight wards of the cantonment. This app was launched keeping in view the upcoming Secunderabad Cantonment Elections, whose schedule is not yet out.

The app helped find out that 228 bogus votes were detected from one house located in Chandragiri Colony, behind Road Transport Authority (RTA) Office, Trimulgherry. Interestingly, only four members stay in the address mentioned above.

When the house owner was contacted regarding the same, they told on the condition of anonymity that even they were unaware of the existence of such fake votes in bulk. They further claimed that they have no connection with those voters.

Commenting on the same, Mr.Shravan G, who identified the names through his app said, “We assume bogus voters are listed in every ward of Secunderabad cantonment. This may be the reason for the continuous victory of some of the sitting board members even though they failed to win the voters' pulse.”

He also added that they would go forward with the same kind of door-to-door voter verification program in all wards to ensure that all bogus voters are identified and wiped out, to facilitate democratic and fair elections.

When contacted, SCB officials have said that they would look into the matter and rectify.

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