Hyderabad: Famous Telugu television anchor, Anasuya Bharadwaj has become the latest victim of the online abusers. Much to the shock, when she reported the issue to Twitter, she was told that there was no violation of rules. Anasuya is a famous anchor moderating several shows on Telugu television. The abusive content was shared by twitter handle ************* which mentioned the anchor as “The most underrated Anchor Anasuya *****.”

Responding to her concern Twitter said they didn’t find any violation of rules. “Hello we’re writing to let you know that after reviewing the available information, we didn’t find a violation of our rules in the content you reported. We appreciate that you let us know what happened, and encourage you to reach out again in the future if you see any potential violations.” Twitter replied.

The anchor later shared the screenshot of the mail on her Twitter handle.

Taking strong objection to Twiiter’s response, she hit back at the mini blogging site asking it to reassess its rules.

“Dear @TwitterSupport. I urge you to reassess your rules. If this is not violating then what else does. I won’t shy away to blame you guys as major influence by not contemplating the cyber abuse.”

Disappointed by Twitter’s reply, she took up the issue with the Cyber Crime police. “@cybercrimecyb1, I request you to help tag the right authorities,” she tweeted

Cybercrime wing of Hyderabad city police was quick to respond promising action. “Sir/Madam, we will take action on that profile,” the Cybercrime wing tweeted

On her part, Anasuya thanked the Cyber Crime police for quick response. “Thank you for the response Sir. #hope restored,” she replied.

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