Online Dating scam busted in Kolkata

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Aug 2019 9:32 AM GMT
Online Dating scam busted in Kolkata

Kolkata: An online dating portal operated by a woman that lured men from across the country under the pretext of providing dating services was busted by Hyderabad cyber crime police. The organizer of the dating firm Saha Enterprises based in Kolkata, along with her associates was also arrested.

The organizer hired around 20 women as telecallers to promote her firm. The women would call men claiming to offer an online date, collect their private pictures and money in return for offering services.

In a similar fashion, they trapped a businessman from the city and collected more than Rs 90,000 towards different charges. When they started blackmailing him using the pictures, he approached the police.

Police warned the public to be cautious of such fraudulent firms which extort money under the guise of offering services.

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