Online liquor frauds make merry amid COVID-19 lockdown, cybercrime police book case

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  12 April 2020 12:30 AM GMT
Online liquor frauds make merry amid COVID-19 lockdown, cybercrime police book case

Hyderabad: For cyber fraudsters, the COVID-19 lockdown has been nothing short of a blessing. Even though online sale of liquor is illegal, fraudsters have taken to social media, luring people to buy liquor online. To make matters worse, few people have also bought into the gimmick, and ended up losing money, according to Hyderabad’s cyber crime police.

In a new development, the Cybercrime police has booked case against on ‘Tonic Wine Shop’ which had allegedly tried to ‘sell’ liquor online. Speaking to NewsMeter, KVM Prasad, ACP, Cyber Crime Police said, “Selling liquor online is totally banned in Telangana. However, not many people know this, and they are more desperate to get alcohol, due to the COVID-19 lockdown.”

“The modus operandi of such people is they first lure people with pictures of liquor on social media and say they are selling liquor. Once people call them, they will ask for a 50 per cent payment in advance, which the customer gives. However, later when the customer asks about the delivery of the product, they will not respond. Basically, the customer loses their money. Mostly, the culprits behind such online frauds are from Rajasthan, who are involved in OLX frauds for instance,” the police officer said.

‘Tonic Wine Shop’ is the most recent case of online liquor fraud reported in the city. Galibe Vishal, who brought this matter into notice via Twitter said, “My friend saw this Tonic Wine Shop on Facebook. They had claimed that they will deliver liquor to your home. After placing the order, he payed Rs 600 to them via Google Pay, for a liquor bottle that costs Rs 1,200. Later they asked for more money, and then stopped responding altogether. That was when my friend realised this was an online fraud.”

Another person had also complained on Twitter after losing Rs 6,000 to such online liquor frauds. “Two day's back my one of my friend also lost 6000 but he has not given complain because of lockdown,” said a Twitter user, Wajahath Ali Khan.

Earlier this week, case has been booked against one ‘Bagga Wines’ as well, for online liquor fraud. Cases have been booked under section 420 of IPC (cheating) and Section 66 B of IT act (Fraudulent computer-related offences). Further investigation is underway, said the cybercrime police officer.

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