• People bring illegalities to GHMC notice on CEC app

Hyderabad: Of the 24, 828 complaints registered on the CEC app, e-challans have been delivered on only a mere 3,448 complaints till December 20. This is as per the data released by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation’s (GHMC) Enforcement, Vigilance and Disaster Management (EVDM) wing.

The revenue generated through the delivered challans is Rs 47, 21,000. The low collection and the slow execution, according to Director of EVDM, Vishwajit Kambati, are because the development of the app, which was launched on October 10, is still under progress.

The vigilance department issues e-challans for offences like littering, illegal garbage dumping, wall poster, graffiti, banners, cut-outs and unauthorized construction and demolition rubble.

In the two months ending on December 20, they came across an astounding 24,828 notices against such illegalities that can attract punishment by the civic body.

The CEC app, which is currently restricted to Vigilance department officials, allows them to upload images, location and offender details, based on which an e-challan with a QR code is generated and delivered personally to the offender. Digital money transfer is the only form of payment accepted. The offender has 15 days time to transfer the fine amount, failing which a second notice is issued. A further delay will attract stringent punitive action.

Mr Kambati says, “A good things is that on issue of notices, a majority of offenders paid us instantly and we did not have to bother them much. We have currently kept the app restricted to 1,000 vigilance officials as we are still developing it. By next month, once the app is further fine-tuned, we aim to empower all 20,000 GHMC officials.”

According to the data provided by the Vigilance Department:

Complaints Registered in the app is 24828

Fine amount for the complaints registered: Rs. Ten crore eighty two lakh

Challans yet to be generated for 17,341 registered complaints

Challans delivered for 3448 complaints.

Amount collected from delivered challans: Rs 47, 21,000

Viswajit says, “Our aim is not to show how much fine has been collected but to put in place a deterrent. I can say that after we started with this initiative, there has been around 60 per cent reduction in raising banners and cut-outs. It is not just about them being unauthorized but also because they spoil the city’s beauty.”

The message to the people is: Think twice before raising an illegal banner or scribbling graffiti at any place in the city as officials of the Director of Enforcement and Vigilance are watching you.

Aiswarya Sriram

Aiswarya Sriram is a budding multimedia journalist and is currently working for NewsMeter as a "Factcheck Freelancer". A graduate from Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (IIJNM) Bangalore, Aiswarya has earlier worked with The Logical Indian and has interned with Republic TV. Aiswarya, a Tamilian who was born and brought up in Mumbai, loves to do rural reporting. She has visited Byadgi Taluk of Karnataka, to write about the issues faced by chilli factory workers there, earlier in 2019. A craft enthusiast, Aiswarya also does quilling, painting and glass work. On her off-days, she loves to read crime-thrillers and watch anime. She primarily reports on civic issues, GHMC, human-interesting features, and fact-checking video stories.

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