Operation Smile: Telangana Police rescue 3600 children in Jan

By Dheeshma  Published on  1 Feb 2020 3:03 PM GMT
Operation Smile: Telangana Police rescue 3600 children in Jan

Hyderabad: Telangana police rescued 3600 children as part of Operation Smile from January 1 to January 31, 2020. Among the rescued children, the majority are boys. The team rescued 2923 boys and 677 girls. Out of this 1292 belongs to outside state and country. The maximum number of children rescued belongs to Odisha, followed by Andhra Pradesh.

Among the children rescued, 1306 were into bonded labour. The team also rescued children who were brick workers. Children were also rescued from railway stations, bus stations, religious places, traffic junctions, mechanic shops brick industries, shops, tea stalls, footpaths, etc..

Total number of children rescued - 3600

No. of children restored to parents or guardians – 1982

No. of children admitted in rescue homes – 1618

No. of children rescued who belong to outside state/ other country Total – 1292

No. of street children rescued – 1972

No. of children rescued from bonded labour - 1306

No. of children rescued from brick workers – 142

No. of begging children rescued – 180

Darpan App and Detection

Two missing cases have been traced across the state through DARPAN App, which has the digitized database of missing children. One was in Hyderabad and one in Rachakonda. During this operation number of enrolments in DARPAN app of missing / traced children in Smile- VI was 855. As many as 3337 records were searched in the process, which has been highest.

Cases Registered during Muskaan-V

411 Cases were registered under various sections concerned to Crime against children such as unlawful compulsory labour, child abuse, etc.

The highest number of cases were registered in Cyberabad Commissionerate 182, followed by Nalgonda Dist. -37, Khammam Commissionerate – 34, Bhadradri Kothagudem – 32 and Hyderabad Commissionerate-27. All the cases will be further categorized into Trafficking and non-trafficking sections and monitored accordingly.

Cyberabad police rescued 12 child labourers of Telangana state involved in Shail foods company at Katedan. The children were aged about 12 years to 17 years.

Meanwhile, Rachakonda police rescued 11 Children of other states (UP-5, Bihar-4, Odissa-2). Based on the information the Operation Smile Team of Rachakonda, the police went to D.S Scrap E-west Godowns opposite CISF quarters at Mamidipally village and rescued 11 children.

According to police data, Hyderabad and Cyberabad Commissionerates performed the best and concentrated on hot spots as well as missing cases.

Major Rescue of children During Smile – VI (01.01.2020 to 31.01.2020)

Cyberabad police Smile teams rescued 404 children and booked 182 and

Hyderabad police Smile teams rescued 387 children and booked 27 cases

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