Opinion: Beating Dragon in its own game

By Dr. Mohan Bhandari  Published on  7 Oct 2020 4:18 AM GMT
Opinion: Beating Dragon in its own game

Even the best conceived Strategic Plan would come to a ‘naught’ - without one subtle ingredient that could never be part of any defence budget- “THE WILL TO FIGHT”. Physical conditioning, Strategic, Tactical, Technical & Training superiorities apart, it is the mental conditioning of a soldier that remains the ultimate battle winning factor. The basic element is ‘psychological’ that makes him mentally hardened & battle-worthy. When compared with a Chinese soldier who is conscripted & belongs mostly to urban comforts & amenities, the Indian Soldier stands a class apart & far outweighs him with his ability to sustain extremely difficult circumstances & conditions for prolonged periods from -40 Degrees Celsius to scorching sands of Rajasthan -to inhospitable secondary jungles of the North East.

GLOBAL Times- the mouthpiece of Dragon has commented adversely upon the Indian Army’s logistical capability to carry the battle in the harsh Ladakh winters, should it come to pass. China should not forget, firstly, that its distance from Eastern Ladakh is as far as 3475 KMs, secondly, Indian Aircraft can fly with their full payload &, thirdly, & most importantly, it is the ‘INDIAN WILL TO FIGHT FOR A RIGHTEOUS CAUSE’. In her entire history, India has never even attempted any expansionist action outside her legitimate boundaries. Indian thought has always centered on the concept - ‘WORLD IS ONE LARGE FAMILY’. Rightly, therefore, she has earned a proper place in the comity of nations unlike China - the mother of COVID 19- that has become a subject of ridicule & disdain with many more reasons that have afflicted the whole world. China must understand that today there is a strong government functioning in the Lutyens City & the entire Indian Nation is behind her gallant soldiers.

The Indian Prime Minister has just inaugurated the ATAL Tunnel on the Rohtang route. Now there are three roads in addition to this to reach Ladakh. To top it up, a number of Airbases provide the Indian Army adequate scope for incessant daily/periodic logistical boost by state of the art flying machines. There are the best of weapon systems & munitions in place; good living infrastructures exist with the best medical facilities available round the clock. All this & much more Logistical support is available to an Indian Soldier deployed on the desolate & forlorn frontiers of the Land of the Broken Moon. Indian Soldier loves peace, but when challenged - knows how to hit real hard & make his enemy lick its wounds-unlike a Chinese soldier, who is a Chocolate Soldier avoids going to war!

It is a universal truth that politics is the only source of war-it being the intercourse of governments & peoples; but it is apt to be assumed that war suspends that intercourse & replaces it by a wholly different condition, ruled by no law but it's own. China’s ‘sinocentrism’ & ‘ethnocentric behavioral pattern’ are drivers of its worldwide arrogant, selfish & obstinate actions - topped up with utter disregard to Ethics, Morality, Rules of Conduct, International Law & Justice & World Opinion. War is an instrument of policy. Therefore, it must necessarily bear the character of policy & measure by its standards. On the other hand, the conduct of war is the policy itself. But when it takes up a gun in place of a pen & does not think rationally /abide by the universal laws- but imposes self-made, draconian, unwarranted & unjust actions in a civilized world- the problem begins. This is the story of Dragon who is all set to establish its hegemony or ‘Dadagiri’- beginning in South Asia & slowly enlarging it the world over.

In China, all males above 18 years of age are required to register themselves with the stipulated government authorities. Article 55 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China prescribes conscription & the 1984 Military Service Law spells out its legal basis. So, all within 18-22 years of age get enlisted into compulsory military service with a minimum of two years of service obligation.

China firmly believes in Sun Tzu’s saying, Quote, “TO FIGHT A HUNDRED BATTLES AND WIN EACH & EVERY ONE OF THEM IS NOT THE WISEST THING TO DO. TO BREAK THE ENEMY’S RESISTANCE WITHOUT FIGHTING IS”, Unquote. Following this dictum, Dragon conducts Psychological Operations in a big way &, in doing so tries all sort of stunts without any shame & compunctions .Hundreds of fake audio /video clips, cyber attacks, propaganda through print media & misinformation warfare films/bulletins - also through its proxies are circulating all over. A few days back, loudspeakers blaring ‘Punjabi ‘songs were being played to our valiant Sikh soldiers in Pangong Tso. It has since stopped as it

became counterproductive. All this is a pointer to one stark reality that a Chinese soldier serves only a political party. Shame upon the CCP that has not even acknowledged the death of 53 PLA soldiers in hand to hand combat with Indian Army on the intervening night of 15 /16 June in Galwan Valley this year!

Now how do you tackle a slimy country like China that keeps on changing its goalposts at drop of a hat? The recent statement of asking India to accept Nov 1959 LAC is to be seen in this context. For China ‘Might is Right’ & it has taken the entire world up the garden path in the past 40 years or so - amassing huge wealth at the cost of others. The entire world is to blame for it.

For India, it is now or never. Her's is a Righteous Cause based upon truth, equality, fairness, justness & universal principles. Indian soldiers do not fight for a political party. They fight to uphold the Nations integrity & ‘Ijjat’. Their love for the motherland & TIRANGA knows no bounds. They look for an opportunity to crush the evil heads of those who dare to show their conceited & jaundiced eyes to them.

To GLOBAL TIMES- I can only say that should a battle be started by China, it will be the Indian Soldiers who will take it to its logical conclusion. Never again have the temerity to talk of destroying the Atal Tunnel if war starts between India & China. Should China even attempt this misadventure, it would manifest into unimaginable costs to it.

It would not be out of place to mention here that the Chinese people still feel ashamed that the Quing Dynasty was defeated by Japan. It is equally shameful that such a corrupt regime ruled China for so long. Xi is well advised to recall that following the 1911 Revolution in China & the overthrow of the Manchu Empire, the troops had surrendered to the Tibetan Army & were later repatriated under a Sino-Tibetan Peace Accord.

To date, Chinese people are being openly abused in their own country in an ugly system put in place by Chief Dictator Xi Jinping. He should take note of this - when time is not too far -when his kingdom may fall like a pack of cards. As it is, there are strong undercurrents within the PLA leadership & between ‘powers that be’ of PLA & CCP. How soon will it happen - only time shall tell?

Morally upright, truthful, superbly motivated, trained to kill one enemy with one bullet, & logistically fully supported - the Indian Armed Forces - the Best amongst Equals are just unbeatable.

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