Osmania University holds its first ever students' parliament

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  29 Feb 2020 3:31 PM GMT
Osmania University holds its first ever students parliament

For the first time ever, Osmania University conducted a students’ parliament in the Arts College campus. A total of four bills were discussed in the session, which was held by the students on Saturday, 29th Feb. The session was attended by about 70 students, from 24 departments in the Arts college.

The attendees enacted as parliamentarians, speakers and have discussed the issues pertaining to the students and the state in general. Out of the four bills, they have rejected the Telangana Private Universities bill, stating that the government should not encourage privatisation of education. It can be mentioned here that recently the Telangana Government has given a green signal for the private universities in the state.

The other bills that were discussed includes, Reintroduction of student elections in Telangana Universities, Women reservation in Parliament and The representation of Peoples Act, which were all passed.

It was the students who came up with the idea of conducting a mock parliament and have proposed it to their principal. One of the student organiser, Ms. V Divya, a sociology student, said that “This student parliament was conducted in order to make students are aware about how a parliamentary session works. The way that the bills and acts are passed and the procedure for acceptance of the bill. The session was fruitful, as several students have actively participated in the discussion.”

“The credit of conducting this session, solely goes to the students as they have actively organised everything and have successfully conducted this session. They have picked very relevant topics as their bills and discussed the same, ” said the Principal of Arts College,

Prof D Ravinder.

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